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Enroll in our Referral Program

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How do I start? 

Enroll in our referral program by completing the form below; you will then be given a unique access code. Every time someone uses that code when purchasing one of LTI's packages listed to the side, you receive the spiff associated with that package.

More details will be sent to you in an email when you enroll. 

This is what you and your referral receive:

Basics course 

  • They get $100 discount


Foundations package 

  • You get $100 spiff
  • They get $100 discount


Foundations + Add-on 

  • You get $150 spiff
  • They get $150 discount


LTI Membership

  • You get $500 spiff
  • They get $500 discount


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Patients need access to laser therapy. 
Our mission is to enable healthcare providers so they can offer this great treatment modality to their patients. 
You can play a pivotal role in this healthcare advancement.